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Publication: The full papers presented during the conference will be published in partner Journals or on-site conference proceedings, according to the selection procedure of the partners Journals and the whish of the authors. An editing committee is selecting the papers to be proposed for publications. Authors will be contacted through email when the editing committee will have finished selection and allocation.

Videos of the pleanary sessions will be available below in a few weeks.





18:00-19h30 - Welcome cocktail – Espace Dubos, AgroParisTech


09:00-09:30 - Opening Ceremony - Amphi Tisserand

- Gilles Trystram, Director of AgroParisTech - France
- Hervé Guyomard, Head Director of French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) - France
- Jean-Claude Detilleux, Board member and former President Coop Fr - France
- Simeon Karafolas, Scientific Committee of ICA Europe - Greece
- Dame Pauline Green, President, International Cooperative Alliance - Canada

Coordination: Maryline Filippi, ICA Paris 2015 - France

09:30-10:30 - Keynote Session 1 - Amphi Tisserand

Agricultural cooperatives: Challenges and opportunities for a better world?

Michael L. COOK is the Robert D. Partridge Endowed Professor in Cooperative Leadership in the Division of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia, U.S.A and Executive Director of the Graduate Institute of Cooperative Leadership. His primary research examines organizational structures, strategies, and governance of patron-owned and controlled enterprise, including comparative work in more than 50 countries. Currently, Dr. Cook is coordinating development of a global network of scholars and practitioners with interest in understanding the strengths and challenges confronted by leaders of patron-owned organizations.

10:30-11:00 - Coffee break

11:00-12:30 - Round Table 1 - Agriculture, sustainable food distribution system: What are the prospects? Issues for cooperatives - Amphi Tisserand

- Nora Ourabah Haddad, Team Leader Cooperatives and Producer Organizations Team, Partnerships branch Office of Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development (OPC) of the FAO
- Hervé Guyomard, Head Director of French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) - France
- Knut Lutnaes, Environmental Manager of Coop Norway - Norway
- Damien Lacombe, Chairman of the board of SODIAAL - France
- Krijn Poppe, LEI Wageningen UR, EAAEP Foundation - Netherlands

12:30-14:00 - Lunch

14:00-16:00 - Workshop 1

WP 1.1 - Governance theory - room 31
Chair: Jos Bijman

  • Governance of co-operative federations: Principles and a framework for research
    Brett Fairbairn, Murray Fulton and Dionne Pohler
  • The Political Economy of Good Co-operative Governance
    Murray Fulton, Dionne Pohler and Brett Fairbairn
  • Formal and Informal Governance in Cooperatives: Does Global Competitiveness lead to Changes in the Relationship between Members and Cooperative?
    Jos Bijman
  • Co-operative enterprises: a new perspective in institutionalism
    Carlo Borzaga and Ermanno Tortia

WP 1.2 - Worker cooperatives - room 32
Chair: David Hiez

  • Can workers in cooperatives control their own jobs?
    Roger Spear
  • Worker cooperatives, a status to survive in a changing world or a status to change the world? Spain and France, two worldviews on worker cooperatives
    Sandrine Stervinou, Julie Bayle-Cordier, Lorea Narvaiza, Cristina Aragon, Cristina Iturrioz
  • Les coopératives d’activité et d’emploi : éloge de l’insécurité juridique
    David Hiez

WP 1.3 - Cooperatives and membership commitment - room 33
Chair: Richard Simmons

  • A Co-operative ‘Membership Star’ for Measuring Member Engagement
    Richard Simmons
  • Does Cooperativeness Promote Happiness? Cross-country Evidence
    Luigino Bruni, Giovanni Ferri
  • Solidarity and performance within retail networks: the case of food retail cooperatives
    Fabrice Cassou, Gérard Cliquet

WP 1.4 - Cooperative, innovation and local development - room 34
Chairs: Florence Pinton, Florence Bétrisey

  • Impact on local economic and social development of Recuperar Cooperative of Recyclers
    Maritza Melgarejo Mojica, Jorge H. Molano V.
  • Cooperative and Associative Models in the Brazilian Tourist Sector: Analysis of Arrangements, Economic Feasibility and Local Development
    Carlos O. Quandt, Alex A. Ferraresi , Ariane Machado ,Claudineia Kudlawicz, Janaina Martins
  • Social innovation practices in the regional tourism industry: Case studies of cooperative and associative arrangements in Brazil
    Carlos O. Quandt, Alex A. Ferraresi, Claudineia Kudlawicz, Janaina Martins, Ariane Machado
  • From efficiency to affection: A case study of the SAGUAPAC cooperative storytelling in Santa Cruz Bolivia
    Florence Bretisey

16:00-16:30 - Coffee break

16:30-18:00 - Workshop 2

WP 2.1 - Life cycle in agricultural cooperatives -Amphi Tisserand
Chair: Michael L. Cook

  • Managing Ownership Costs During the Life Cycle of Agricultural Cooperatives
    Constantine N. Iliopoulos, Mickael L. Cook
  • A new generation of cooperatives in the Brazilian agricultural frontier: a life cycle approach
    Fabio R. Chaddad
  • From Impact Evaluations to Organizational Diagnostics: a Framework for Action Research on Cooperative Agribusiness Sustainability in Africa
    Nicolas Francesconi

WP 2.2 - Theoretical and empirical approaches - room 31
Chair: Morris Altman

  • The Power of Cooperatives: Monopolists or Self-Regulating Competitive Firms 
    Morris Altman
  • Methodological approaches to the study of Russian cooperation and “Theory and practice of cooperation” as an academic discipline 
    Sobolev A., Trotsuk I., Kurakin A.
  • What Should the State Do and What Should We Do Ourselves?
    Peter Couchman
  • Co-operative development – A political economy approach
    Murray Fulton

19:30-23:00 - Conference Dinner


09:00-11:00 - Workshop 3

WP 3.1 - Good practices for governance for cooperative Banks - room 31
Chair: Jean Louis Bancel

  • Evaluation of performance in Brazilian credit unions through the analysis of financial intermediation and provision of banking services
    João Paulo Cinegaglia, Marcelo Botelho da Costa Moraes
  • New frames and old issues: Which governance model for Italian CCBs?
    I. Catturani
  • A systematic approach to credit union governance
    Paul A. Jones
  • Alternative funding to undertake by cooperatives: case study Spain
    Antonia Sajardo Moreno, Salvador Pérez Sempere
  • Cooperative versus conventional (joint-stock) banking in Europe: comparative resistance and resilience during the recent financial crisis
    Jean Noel Ory

WP 3.2 - Cost and performance on cooperatives organisations - room 32
Chair: Murray Fulton

  • Why social enterprises are asking to be multi-stakeholder and deliberative: An explanation around the costs of exclusion
    Carlo Borzaga, Silvia Sacchetti
  • Communication and Innovation in Cooperatives
    Xiao Peng, Wendong Deng, George Hendrikse
  • Narrating Organizational Identities of a Co-operative: The Case of Korea's National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
    Joo-il Yoon

WP 3.3 - Cooperatives and rural development - room 33
Chair: Cynthia Giagnocavo

  • Mapping Cooperative Development Systems: Initial Results from the EU Project C-BIRD
    Darina Zaimova, Cynthia Giagnocavo, Yuliana Yarkova
  • The Economics of Proximity and Co-operation: A Contribution to Regional Economic and Social Development
    Cécile Pachocinski
  • Urban-rural interdependence and the distributive function of cooperatives
    Federica Viganó, Andrea Salustri
  • Cooperatives, Social Responsibility and Territory: a comparative study
    Lorea Narvaiza, Cristina Aragon, Cristina Iturrioz, Julie Bayle-Cordier, Sandrine Stervinou

11:00-11:20 - Coffee break

11:20-11:50 - Keynote Session 2 - Amphi Tisserand

Guidance on the Co-operative Principles: members economic participation and education, what is new for co-operative identity?

Jean-Louis BANCEL is former President of the Credit Cooperatif Group. A graduate of HEC (1978) and ENA (1980–1982) with a PhD in law, Jean-Louis Bancel has served as Chairman of Crédit Coopératif since 2009 (and Vice Chairman from 2005 to 2009), Chairman of the International Cooperative Banking Association (a sectorial organization of the International Co-operative Alliance), and a member of ANC, France’s accounting standards authority. Jean-Louis Bancel worked in the Insurance Department of France’s Economy and Finance Ministry.

11:50-12:50 - Round Table 2 - Cooperatives values - Amphi Tisserand

- Jean-Louis Bancel, former President of Coop FR - France
- Roger Spear, The Open University - United Kingdom
- David Rodgers, Housing President - United Kingdom
- Bruno Roelants, Secretary general of CICOPA - Belgium
- Christina Clamp, Southern New Hampshire University - USA

12:50-13:00 - Quebec Summit 2016 Presentation - Amphi Tisserand

Stéphane Bertrand: Some challenges about Future of Cooperative model - Canada

13:00-14:00 - Lunch

14:00-16:00 - Workshop 4

WP 4.1 - Financing social economy and cooperatives - room 31
Chair: Simeon Karafolas

  • Social Protest, Neo-Liberals and Cooperative Banks: Castrating Regulation and political maze
    Yifat Solel
  • Social innovation for sustainable development - An empirical study of South Canara District Central Cooperative Bank (SCDCC Bank ) in India
    Sudha Kornginnaya
  • Social Innovation and the Large Institutionalized Co-Operative: Responsible Investment at Desjardins Group
    Vézina Martine, Ben-Selma Majdi, Malo Marie-Claire
  • Micro credits as a source for financing Social Cooperatives
    Simeon Karafolas

WP 4.2 - Services and rural development - room 32
Chair: Christina Clamp

  • La socioéconomie de la pauvreté féminine et coopératives agricoles en milieu rural Camerounais
    Jacques Fomb
  • Strengthening local economies through collaboration
    Christina A. Clamp, Eklou Amendah, Carol Coren

WP 4.3 - Cooperative reporting indicators - room 33
Chair: Minna Suutari

  • Future of sustainability reporting and cooperatives: material reporting in different contexts
    Minna Suutari
  • KPI Reporting in the co-operative financial services sector
    Daphne Rixon, Louis Beaubien
  • Adoption of sustainability assurance: a study among the top 300 cooperative and mutual organisations
    Helena María Bollas-Araya, Fernando Polo-Garrido, Elies Seguí-Mas
  • Unearthing Social and Environmental Indicators Best Suited for Co-operatives
    Fiona Duguid

WP 4.4 - Social innovation governance and development - room 34
Chair: Nora Ourabah Haddad

  • Cooperatives and the Family Farm: fostering commitment
    Cynthia Giagnocavo , Darina Zaimova, Emilio Galdeano Gomez
  • Partnerships to develop the capacity to innovate: interactions between cooperatives and technical institutes
    Assietou Diop, Françoise Ledos, Sonia Ramonteu
  • The role of the social and organisational capital in agricultural cooperatives’ development - Practical lessons from the CUMA movement
    Nora Ourabah Haddad
  • PerfCuma: A methodological framework to help cooperative members to build and manage a sustainable strategy in a participative way
    Philippe Jeanneaux, Mathieu Capitaine

16:00-16:30 - Coffee break

16:30-18:00 - Workshop 5

WP 5.1 - Cooperatives in East countries - room 31
Chair: Alexander Sobolev

  • The dilemmas of co-operative’s development in Poland
    Zofia Chyra-Rolicz
  • Cooperatives in rural Russia: Promising potential and controversial perspectives
    Sobolev A., Kurakin A., Pakhomov V., Trotsuk I.
  • Management of sustainability oriented companies in Republic of Moldova in the context of European vector of economic development
    Melinte Claudia, Savga Larisa, Tcaciuc Claudia

WP 5.2 - Board management and good practices in cooperatives - room 32
Chair: Emmanuel Raynaud

  • Some Guidelines about Remuneration of managers in Cooperatives
    Belén García Álvarez
  • The Chief discretionary behaviour: Earnings management in Brazilian agricultural cooperatives
    Fabiana Cherubim Bortoleto, Davi Rogério de Moura Costa
  • Dairy development through cooperatives in Ethiopia: Challenges and Prospectus
    Alemayehu Dekeba Bekele

WP 5.3 - New forms for performance - room 33
Chair: Elena Garnevska

  • Alternative cooperative models: case of EastPack cooperative in New Zealand
    Elena Garnevska
  • To"co‐operativize” farmer suppliers of investor‐owned companies acquired by agricultural co‐operatives: motivations, processes and implications
    Francis Declerck
  • Agricultural cooperatives performance measurement dilemma: wine cooperatives case in Languedoc-Roussillon
    Louis-Antoine Saïsset, Géraldine Giordano

WP 5.4 - Governance law international dimension- room 34
Chair: Chantal Chomel

  • The cooperative specificities and the taxation of cooperative societies: an international overview
    Mario De Conto
  • Cooperative Social Responsibility
    Hagen Henrÿ


09:30-11:00 - Workshop 6

WP 6.1 - Special workshop Cooperatives: Research and Education- room 31
Chair: Nasir Iqbal Mughal

  • Research in cooperation or cooperation in research? The importance of links between cooperatives research - education - practice
    André Martin, Josée Charbonneau, Anne-Marie Merrien
  • The Practice of Cooperative Doctrine applied in creative and innovative social projects in the Cooperative mini-city of Magna Cooperative Work
    Elizeth Alves Pelegrini, Sonia Regina Baccin Turmena
  • Formation of Men & Women’s Community Organizations
    Nasir Iqbal Mughal

WP 6.2 - Cooperative under globalisation tensions - room 32
Chair: Emile Nadeau

  • The Cooperative model in the globalized market: the case of Azorean Agriculture Cooperatives
    Joana Pereira
  • Some considerations about the co-operative model in the era of globalisation
    Olympia Klimi-Kaminari
  • Measuring Cooperative Performance in Developing Countries: A Proposed Methodology for Linking Applied Research and Cooperative Development
    Emile Nadeau, Kristen Scott Kennedy
  • Relational dynamic capabilities and cooperative performance
    Tomas Sparano Martins, Alex Fabiano Duarte, Pedro Augusto Martins Loyola Junior, Sandra De Souza Schmidt

WP 6.3 - Cooperative and particularity of the model - room 33
Chair: Fiona Duguid

  • Cooperative members’ duty of loyalty in the cooperative legislation in Spain
    Itziar Villafañez Perez
  • Economic Impact of Co-operatives in Canada
    Fiona Duguid
  • Supervision of cooperatives: a key player in the shortcomings of the Greek agricultural cooperative movement
    Ifigeneia Douvitsa and Demosthenis Kassavetis

11:00-11:45 - Poster session and Wine & Cheese

11:45-12:30 - Closing Ceremony

- Conference overview: theme, papers, main lines of research, ...
- Publication policy (reviews presentation, proceedings). Note on previous conferences publication
- News on future ICA conferences:
ICA-ILO conference on November Turkey, “New scholars agenda”
ICA conference on 2016: presentation of the host institution and country
- Discussion and questions