Hearing Greater: 4 Inspiring Stories concerning Improved Hearing

Every day, the Lucid Hearing team awaken in the morning prepared to make transformative experiences for men and women that walk in the Nano hearing aids centre. They have the chance to assist individuals hear clearly again! I spent a day talking with Lucid Hearing personnel that perform different roles in helping people discover better. They shared their memorable”Hearing Better” minutes with me.

Here Are Only a few inspirational”Hearing Better” minutes that Lucid Hearing employees have become a part of over the years:

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Hearing Better Moment #1: All Thanks to this Kid from the Cart…

Melitza, a Staff Audiologist, standing behind the counter in a Lucid Hearing Center.
“My most memorable experience was with the very first person I fit when I first started working in the store. He was a mid-aged gentleman who came into the hearing center and said,’I have 4 pairs of hearing aids in the home, and not one of them allow me to listen to my grandkids.’

So I said,’Would you give me the chance to match you with all our hearing aids so that you can test out them’ And he said,’Sure, let us do it’

I did a full test on him. I put hearing aids on him as part of our test. And when I opened the booth door, I said’Can you hear me’ And when he looked at me, his eyes were full of tears, and he said, ‘Yes, I sure can hear you. Let us walk around and see whether I could hear a child in the shop.’ So that’s what we did.

I just walked around the store with him and we saw a mom with a kid in her cart. And I said,’Mom, my individual is wearing hearing aids at this time, and he’d love to find out whether he could hear children’s voices’ The kid in the cart said:’Hi sir, how are you’ The gentleman started tearing up. He could hear the child’s voice! The gentleman said, ‘Done deal. I am taking them home and that is it! These can ultimately allow me to listen to my grandkids!’

And sure enough, he came in for a follow-up visit and he was so pleased with the hearing aids he even brought his sister and his sister-in-law. He was very, very happy. It’s been four and a half years and I can’t forget that. It’s still very emotional.”

Hearing Better Moment #2: Dr. Pepper & Civil Rights

“We had one gentleman who had been driving trucks for Dr. Pepper. He was going to lose his job because he couldn’t hear. He came in and did the hearing test. We fitted him with our hearing aids. And he, a 70 year old man, cried in my chair because with the hearing aids he could hear me talking from 8 feet behind him. He passed his test and kept his job.

Berkley, a Hearing Instrument Specialist, fitting a client with hearing aids.
Oh, and another memorable experience was one lady who was big into the Civil Rights movement and she was 103 years old! My oldest patient! Things like that are inspiring.”

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Hearing Better Moment #3: Affordability and Great Quality

Betty, a hearing specialist, greets a few in a Lucid Hearing Center.
“I had a new patient and I was able to fit her with hearing aids my second week of work. She wasn’t aware there was an actual hearing aid center inside Sam’s Club so when I spoke to her about it, she was very excited. She wasn’t even planning on purchasing hearing aids for herself, but I was able to explain to her that we have a payment plan, and that payment plan actually enabled her to correct her hearing. Being able to help people access better hearing at an affordable price and with great quality is amazing. ”

Hearing Better Moment #4: The Mother-Daughter Bond

Dina, a Hearing Assistant, talks with a member in a Lucid Hearing Center.
“My most memorable experience was probably an older patient whose daughter brought her in. It can get pretty frustrating for the other side of the family when you’re constantly having to repeat yourself; you constantly feel like you’re yelling at your parent when you’re really not. So we put the hearing aids in her ears and the mother was just in tears and the daughter was crying as well. The daughter said,”My mom has not been able to listen to in years’ That was a moment I really, really enjoyed. I just like helping people, so that’s why I’m here.”

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