Paying tribute to the heroes of El Alamein in Egypt

El Alamein in Egypt is an area known for its Commonwealth Cemetery and War Museum, as it was an area which discovered heavy fighting during the Second World War. Many brave young men misplaced their lives here or in the surrounding areas, and plenty of remain unidentified. Karen Peake visited recently and provided along these photos of her trip. Visit Este Alamein as Karen did as part of a tour to help Egypt, or even as part of an ANZAC Day tour.

El nuevo Alamein War Cemetery

I visited El Alamein before commencing my tour in Cairo, El Alamein is situated three or more hours North West of Cairo. We headed available early on the freeway headed north to Alexandria in that case west on the road to Mersa Matruh.

On arrival first cease was the El Alamein Commonwealth Cemetery which contains the pénible of men who died at all stages of the Developed Desert campaigns, especially those who died in the Battle connected with El Alamein at the end of October 1942 and in the period promptly before that.

Unidentified soldier’s grave

The cemetery currently contains 7, 240 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War. Often the gravestones, each one bearing an engraving of the deceased soldier’s unit emblem, his name and an epitaph by his family. However , of all the graves at El Alamein, 815 are unidentified.

El Alamein War Museum

Future stop is the war Musuem which has a collection outside of armed service machinery in the form of guns, planes, tanks, trucks and jeep. The exhibits inside include photographs, battle uniforms along with military objects which surround a big table which shapes the movements of the troops and also has a voice over radio commentary on top.

Tanks on display

My Grandfather served 3 years for a Tank Driver at El Alamein as a British knight back in 1942. After visiting this area, it’s easier to trust what he must have endured over those years, while he always said his time at El Alamein were the “best years of his life”. This was a new memorable visit, with this year also being the 70th anniversary of the Battle.

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