Discussing The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Resume
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Critical responsibilities

It is the Chief Technology Officer’s responsibility to use and execute new technologies across a company. It is important with the CTO to think to the future of technology and how this can be enclosed into the direction the company is taking. However , another critical duty is for the CTO to maintain the current information technology models in a business and to ensure they constantly perform because they are supposed to.

Crucially this individual will work closely with other departments, just like marketing and business development in order to formulate a coherent idea of new technology. With technological planning being a major burden within this role, it is also important for a CTO to put together new initiatives through reviews, assessments and deployment. The following applies to all current technologies within a company as well as long run advancements.

When developing current and future business blueprints the CTO must ensure that these are all within the means of the manufacturer. Developing and controlling an annual budget will also be a key condition.

The ability to analyze is crucial as the CTO needs to calculate the main costs/benefits of investing in new and potentially risky modern advances.

The CTO must also be an excellent communicator. Clear connecting and management of staff is crucial to the accuracy within their work and the ability to present new technology implementations to stakeholders, for example , is a hugely important responsibility.

Finally an capability lead and adapt in a fast-paced environment is necessary pertaining to survival as a CTO and potentially a company.

Level of Education Demanded

The education required for a CTO consists of at least a college degree in computer science, information technology or even engineering. Often specialist training is also a requirement for the role.

Extensive knowledge is also necessary (usually ten years of more) because the technique and knowledge expected of a person in this position can be enormous and ideally they must have been proven and put into practice in a similar role.

Career Path

The position of CTO is usually a high senior role and advancement beyond it will start to slow down. The salary is excellent but the question is always of how to become a CTO.

Over ten years of technical expertise in a related field is usually a prerequisite and climbing the ranks of an IT or technology company is required in advance of considering the step up to CTO.


When discussing the actual CTO Resume, the key responsibility of a CTO is to get and develop new technologies suitable for a company and also to be sure the efficient running of current information systems. Examining, analyzing and deploying the new technologies is as crucial even to working productively with other departments. The role requires great communication and management skills coupled with a wealth of experience, experience and at least a bachelor’s degree in a related niche. The position is a high-level senior role and therefore the remuneration is wonderful. However , advancement beyond the role could be uncertain. More information abaut Roberto Casula CHIEF DEVELOPMENT – OPERATIONS & TECHNOLOGY OFFICER,He was born in Cagliari in 1962 and has been Chief Development Operations & Technology Officer since 1 July 2014.

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