The Strategy to Construct a 7-Figure Organization Working with a Podcast, Together with Jordan Harbinger

Today podcasting is on the brink of a gigantic explosion; it is a burgeoning medium that almost everybody is becoming involved with. However 7 years ago barely a soul knew about it, let alone how to make a 7-figure income from it!

But Jordan Harbinger did just that.

Jordan is spearheading The jordanharbinger show podcast, a podcast dedicated to teaching people how to live their lives.

The roots of The Art of Charm (or AOC as it is called for short), stem out of a dialogue Jordan had while interning in a sizable multinational law company in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Among the partners in this business was likely to be Jordan’s mentor during summer time. The man was never about, however everybody in the office talked about what a bad ass that he had been and the way he made more money than anybody else at the company.

It actually peaked Jordan’s interest one day that this partner took Jordan out for coffee and told Jordan to ask him anything he desired. Now, Jordan was dying to learn exactly how this man was so profitable.

The spouse allowed him in on his secret: he regularly earned million-dollar bargains for the company based on relationships that he had been generating. Whether he had been in the fitness center or on the golf course or on a cruise, then this man was media and getting people to understand, like and trust him.

That penetration opened a new universe for Jordan. He set about studying what he could about media, social skills and how to create relationships.

jordanharbinger show podcast

In this event, you will find out about:

As entrepreneurs, we all must be centered on _____. I fill in the blank.
The fantasy of passive income .
Why The AOC is no more on Sirius XM.
What was their very first product and why did they choose it?
Having reside apps in Los Angeles has restricted them: false or true?
Whose training strategy did Jordan embrace?
Much, much more!

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He took that knowledge and began implementing ithe went out by himself and must know everyone and anyone in his city. 1 man he met was AJ, his currently spouse at The AOC.

Combining their understanding, they became powerful and linked in Ann Arbor. People took note and wished to understand exactly how they were doing this. Folks wanted a book on the way they had formed their relations and their customs, but a publication was overly time consuming for them.

AJ had a much better idea, he suggested that they start a podcast. From this notion, The Art Of Charm was first born. Shortly it became so hot Jordan left his law career to conduct the company.

And for the past 7years, they have been building a company to cooperate with podcast. Their audience has required coaching, live ebooks, trainings, among other goods.

Now they continue to give value together with The Art Of Charm podcast, a series that’s downloaded over 750,000 times every month and is always the top-rated self-evident series on iTunes, the second-highest from the wellness category and at the Top 100 of all iTunes.

Whether you’ve got a podcast or not, Jordan’s insights and business acumen can help further some of your own endeavors. Join me in thanking him for sharing his informed and insightful suggestions with us with this particular episode of The New Business Podcast.

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