Gynecomastia Treatment Alternatives

The term man boobs is frequently used to describe the condition otherwise known as gyno or gynecomastia. That is when the male torso tissue becomes bloated and inflated looking and can happen on both sides or only 1 side of the chest. Many men believe gynecomastia surgery is the only means to rid themselves of this embarrassing condition. It frequently leads to low self esteem and loss of self confidence in addition to a great deal of humiliation. Fixing gynecomastia properly can help many men regain a fuller social life and raise their confidence dramatically.

The term gynecomastia comes from the Greek words’gyne’ which means girl and’mastos’ which means breast. Most guys will develop gynecomastia in puberty and oftentimes it will disappear by the time full adulthood is reached. The matter is that during the time that the gynecomastia is active many guys and young men will prevent exposing themselves to prevent the embarrassment and ridicule of others. They’ll prevent situations where they need to remove their shirts and some may even forego sexual relations. Fortunately there are treatments available that can significantly reduce the size of the man boobs and they should be aware of those remedies to help them live a fuller life.

As you would imagine with all these men suffering from this embarrassing condition there are several ways to deal with gynecomastia. Only a little bit of research will uncover several gynecomastia remedies which could help men lead a normal life without the stigma of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia treatments and cures range from diet and exercise to hormone and herbal treatments to gynecomastia operation.

Clearly the surgery is the most extreme option and with so many alternatives available it is easy to prevent the potentially dangerous and costly surgery choice. Common side effects range from discoloration to real esophageal or esophageal chests.

Many men have discovered that a good herbal supplement combined with appropriate diet and exercise is a great way to treat gynecomastia and avoid the hazards of operation.

If you’re thinking of going the herbal supplement route you need to check with your doctor first to be sure you will not have any responses or interaction with your current medications. While herbal supplements are considered 99.9% secure there are occasional drug interactions to be aware of. Herbal supplements are certainly something you will want to investigate prior to thinking about potentially harmful gynecomastia surgery.

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