Tips on How to Preserve Water Damaged Hard Drives

Presented the way the United States is being pounded by one hurricane immediately after another, it is important to know how to preserve water damaged hard drives. Many organisations in the cities in states that have experienced hurricanes have had to deal with the devastating effects of flooding which in turn have ended in their computers being damaged by water.

Here are some tips to be able to preserve Water Conservation damaged hard drives so that as a business or unique you can retrieve your data and shorten the time it takes towards your business or life back on track.

  • o The first thing you should do is to remove your computer from the water. Make sure that you will not switch it on as it cause a short circuit, you could possibly experience an electrical shock or your computer could be damaged still further.
  • o Very carefully remove the hard drive from the CPU so that you can have all measures to retrieve the data.
  • o Do not aim to heat or dry the hard drive as this could complete further damage to it. When flooding occurs, dirt along with debris may have entered your computer and by trying to remove the waters from the hard drive, you may accidentally scratch the hard drive.
  • o The other thing that you need to take care is not pry open hard drive. Computer hard drives should be opened only in a clean and sterile environment so that things like dust and debris do not get the chance to enter inside.
  • o Finally take your hard drive and seal it within the airtight bag along with a damp sponge. If the drive seemed to be completely immersed in water, it is important that you keep it succulent.
  • o Now the actually task for data recovery begins. You should find a data recovery expert to retrieve the data from your disk drive. The better the expert, the higher the chances of maximum retrieval. Test for an expert who only charges for what he is able to get rather than going blindly. Of course , the expert will charge that you substantial amount but you should not care about money at this point. Receiving your business and life back to normal is more important and that is exactly what a data recovery expert will do for you.
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