The Best Real Estate Investment Strategy Without Hassles

A whole lot of people would like to find the best real estate investment, but even the best property investment plan requires time, effort and hassles doesn’t it? Not so for 2017, 2018 and well beyond… with this strategy.

Sit back for a moment and try to envision what your thought of the very best property investment plan would involve. Picture the upside potential to generate money; but also the financial hazards and downside risk. If you have ever watched the favorite TV shows on the topic you have seen folks make money flipping houses. You’ve also seen blood, tears and sweat.

Here we look at the advantages and pitfalls of traditional strategy, and proceed on to the greatest property investment strategy for men and women that just want to place their cash to work to make money vs. working for their cash. Traditionally you purchase, finance, improve, preserve, and manage a property. Your principal objective might be price appreciation (buy low, sell high) or it could be income (rental income). To put it differently, your plan is to reverse it ; or it might be to hold it. In any event, some day either you or your heir(s) will probably sell it.

Traditionally, the massive advantage of investment properties has been the financial leverage attained in funding it using OPM (other people’s money, like a bank). This magnifies profits because you can own a $100,000 home with $20,000 or less down, out of pocket. In other words, with $100,000 you could own five properties or more… all them moving up in value and generating rental income… instead of paying cash and owning only one. Implicit here is the assumption that the value of real properties generally appear in value.

The financial crisis of 2017 drove home the fact of financial leverage (OPM) and the risk that’s involved. High leverage with minimal or nothing down was the finest real estate investment strategy for making money quick – until the bubble burst. But there are additional disadvantages in owning possessions. To name a couple: poor liquidity, costs and expenses, questionable market worth, and real estate taxation. You can not buy or sell quickly and readily, and the market value of a property is obviously subjective. Whether you are buying, selling or holding there are significant expenses and costs involved.

If you can buy right (cheap), then put a property to its best use, and create improvements with sweat equity (do it yourself) your greatest property investment plan for 2017, 2018 and beyond would be to go for this with or without financial leverage. Just hope that the marketplace remains positive, the creek do not rise, and interest rates don’t rise too much either while you own it. Interest rates have been historically low for years now and are predicted to grow in 2017, 2018 and/or beyond.

So, what’s the very best real country investment strategy for active men and women who don’t need the hassles and pitfalls of property management?

You are able to profit from rising share prices and dividend income. You may buy or sell stocks and find the value of your accounts on the world wide web anytime; and you can invest a few thousand dollars or a couple million. The best property investment strategy for decreasing costs and expenses: go with NO-LOAD finance companies and avoid sales prices when you buy or sell. Total expenses can be 1% a year or less with the greatest property investment funds. To locate them kind “no-load funds” into your favourite search engine.

Your best real estate investment plan to prevent the hassles and other inherent disadvantages of owning real properties is to put money into no-load real estate equity funds in 2017, 2018 and beyond. If the market and the markets start to sour, you can sell some shares and buy back later at lower share prices. Get more info

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