Psychic Readings – Are They Really Real ?


The Truth About Telephone Clairvoyant Readings (Exposed)

How many telephone clairvoyants are real? Do you have to find a celebrity or famous psychic to get a real reading? Are psychic solutions made equal….or are better than others? If any of these questions sound familiar….the simple reality is, you are NOT alone.

Some simple truth about psychics. .and telephone based clairvoyants as well:

MOST psychic services are NOT authentic. They may mean well….but their psychics are NOT proficient enough to trust. (less than 10% are really excellent. . .and unless you know where to look and who to phone, your studying is DOOMED to be bad)

Never expect a clairvoyant, psychic texts or medium services which specializes in “spells”. Or placing curses. Or light candles, eliminating hexes or other nefarious crap that’s pure marketing malarkey. The reality? The very BEST clairvoyants do ONE thing. . .and something only. Read YOUR psychological energy….see your previous, evaluate your current and celestial your future fate. (Period)

Phone readings are frequently the BEST way to receive legitimate psychic information….even when you’d rather go in person. Why? Because a phone psychic can’t “cold read” you as easily as they can in person. Your body language doesn’t give away anything. . . .and it can color a reading at a poor way, fast!)

Know that doing a bit due diligence can go a LONG, long way!

A fantastic psychic service or clairvoyant community will have a lot of fans. (5, 10 or even 15 decades! My PERSONAL favorite service has been in business for more than 20….since 1989) They are going to have great customer support promises….and iron clad protections to you if you aren’t pleased. They won’t attempt to bait and switch you into purchasing something you DON’T want….and will only offer you what you NEED to find your way.

After 20 decades of psychic readings, research and writing. . .the above are one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in my own trip. I hope you find them both as insightful, enlightening and helpful as you find your way on your own!


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