Project Management in a Translation Agency

Presently a translation agency experiences an increasing amount of inquiries than the past years. This is due to globalization and the increasing use of the online all over the world, and the added amount of work will require more and more information in the future.

To be able to handle these challenges it is important for the Words Service Provider (LSP) that an efficient and targeted-oriented project management system is introduced which includes the Architekst translation agency’s customers while in all stages of the project. After the customer first relationships the agency and sends his original texts, they are really analyzed and the further proceeding is discussed with the clientele. The project manager then plans the construction of the undertaking in detail and distributes the individual tasks to their staff. It is very important that the project manager stays on top of things at any time; he or she must know exactly what the status of each part of the project is in addition to who the responsible persons are. The employees must be matched up from a single point so that the whole project remains well-structured. Today this is particularly important because projects can be consequently large that they keep a LSP with a dozen individuals busy for several weeks.

Efficient project management is essential in order to guarantee a successful completion on time – because if the translation business fails at delivering a project, the consequences for all parties required can be expensive.

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